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Amboseli National Park Day Trip from Nairobi

Amboseli National Park - Day Trip Safari
(Amboseli National Park is a 160 sq km park located 240 km south west of nairobi city and near the border with Tanzania. The park is known for its views of mt Kilimanjaro and the over 1200 elephants that roam near the swamps of the Amboseli national park.)

View of Kilimanjaro: Amboseli full Day Trip
Amboseli national park day trip is one of the most visited parks in Kenya and it is even easier to reach from Nairobi. The Amboseli national park day tour can be done in a single full day tour departing Nairobi at 6 am in the morning and returning by 7pm in the evening. The full day Amboseli national park tour is mainly on graded roads and you therefore won’t get tired from bad roads. A shorter option that is very close to your hotel in the city is to do the Nairobi National park half day tour - Nairobi half day

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Seeing Kilimanjaro in your Amboseli National Park Day Trip

The park’s main attractions include the view of the highest mountain in Africa, mt Kilimanjaro. The mountain is also the highest free standing volcanic equatorial mountain in the world. Kilimanjaro can be seen from early morning hours until about 11 am and you will get to Amboseli National Park in time to see the Kilimanjaro peak.  It is the best sight to see in this park which is located right at the foot of Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park - 1 Day Trip Safari Packages
Amboseli National park Attractions, Highlights and Features to see

Elephants during an Amboseli 1 Day Trip Safari

Amboseli national park one day excursion other main attraction are the large herds of elephants which are more than 1500 in this 160 sq km park. The elephants are also always concentrated at the swamps feeding on water grass or swimming to cool the day off. It’s only in this park that you can have your car completely under siege of more than 200 elephants near the swamps. The swamps are feed from the melt waters of Kilimanjaro ice caps which travel through underground rivers to emerge in Amboseli national park as cool and fresh water.
Elephants in Amboseli join-in Day Tour

What Else To See In an Amboseli National Park 1 Day Trip Package

This Nairobi one day tour will also allow you to see many other animals that are found here including the elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras, buffalo, impala, grants gazelles, Thompson gazelles, jackals, hyenas, cheetahs and many others. There are also over 400 species of birds in Amboseli including bee-eater, kingfisher, African fish eagle, African crested cranes, hadada ibis and many more. Amboseli park 1 day safari is one of the best places to identify East African bird species as they are attracted here by the fish in the swamps, insects on the planes, scavenging, and invertebrates in the water.

Amboseli National Park - 1 Day Trip Safari Itinerary
Amboseli National Park Day Tour Timings, Gates, Entrance fees and More

Lake Amboseli Drive on Amboseli Single Day Tour Itinerary

The 1 day trip to Amboseli also takes you to see the seasonal lake Amboseli where you can drive on the lake bed for miles while watching the water mirages in the distant. The lake is covered in a white dust layer which is sometimes blown up in whirl winds or dust devils. The Masai named the park ‘empusel’ meaning a place of salty dust due to the evaporation on the lake which leaves a salty dust on top.

What does an Amboseli 1 (one) Day Trip Include?

Elephant and Birds: Amboseli group Day Trip
The Amboseli reserve day visit is an all inclusive package and you will not need to pay anything extra unless it’s outside of the provided itinerary. The Amboseli national park day sojourns includes park fees, transport in a safari minivan with guaranteed window seat, picnic lunch, services of a professional driver guide, pick up and drop of in any place in Nairobi.

Your one day trip is one of the best ways to spend a full day from Nairobi if you want to see the elephants and the Kilimanjaro mountain. The Amboseli short safari can be taken as a group tour where you join in on the available departures or you can organize for a private Amboseli day visit.

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